Desert Air


Brandon is a graduate researcher and Ph.D. student in Electrical Engineering and Neuroscience. He feels that promotion of rational thought and secularism will be beneficial to branches of society and civilization as a whole. He produces and hosts this podcast in the hopes of identifying with fellow atheists and skeptics and in the hopes of inspiring more people to seek out evidence based belief.


David was raised in a very loving Christian home, and was a believer for much of his life, though a fairly liberal one. Encounters with young earth creationists and fundamentalists played a huge role in getting him to question and ultimately reject faith. He considers freeing himself from the cognitive dissonance and self-devaluation of Christianity to be one of the best things that ever happened to him. Additionally, being able to consistently use reason and critical thinking when looking at the world around him has been an extremely liberating experience. Taking in reality on its own terms means far more to him than any of the promises or threats religion makes.


Don left Catholicism and religious belief in his first year of high school. He retired from the US Air Force after 27 years and he recently retired from Raytheon Missile Systems as a Program Manager. Since then, he has dedicated his life to the advancement of reason and is active in Skepticism, Atheism, and Humanism. His education includes a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Colorado in Boulder and a Masters in Science from the Air Force Institute of Technology. During his working career he has been a radio technician, shop chief, flight test engineer, aircraft maintenance officer, development engineer, program integrator, and program manager. Currently, he is the Arizona State Director for American Atheists, Treasurer for the Secular Coalition for Arizona, Organizer for Tucson Atheists and Skeptics of Tucson groups, and board member of FreeThought Arizona.




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